Saturday, June 9, 2012

xTuple Mobile Web App

xTuple ERP is the industry-leading open source business management software now includes a Mobile Web application – empowering you to manage your business without being tethered to a physical office – improving productivity and profitability.

It is unlike anything on the market today - written in 100% JavaScript and making use of a whole new generation of open source HTML5 technologies. So, it is actually *faster* than the existing xTuple Desktop client.

Starting with the release of version 4.0, the functionality in the Mobile Web begins with CRM (the full module) as well as the Accounts Receivable portion of the accounting module over the course of the 4 series, additional functionality will be released- next up is Accounts Payable, the full General Ledger as well as the Time & Expense module which is useful for Professional Services companies – in fact, we use it ourselves at OpenSurge.

Ned Lilly, xTuple CEO, give a concise explanation of the technology, the plan and why it matters in this video:

One of the ongoing advantages of open source software is the continuous and rapid adaptation of technology. The result is a seamless ERP solution that can be accessed using a browser or mobile device- while increasing speed and performance.

Visit the OpenSurge website to learn more.

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