Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Reasons for Selecting Open Source ERP

1. Negligible Investment and Maintenance Costs

Of course, this is the biggest advantage of open source ERP packages – you get everything totally free of cost! It hardly matters if you use the package on 10 computers or 1000, you don’t need to spend even a single penny out of your pocket!

There are no hidden costs involved and there’s minimal dependency on the ERP vendor.

2. Training is Easy

Open source ERP packages are available not just free of cost, but also with complete licenses, comprehensive documentation and user manuals, allowing the users to learn and understand their usage on the fly. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of time and money on training your employees just to use the package, and necessary modifications can be made to the package as per your needs.

3. 100% Flexibility

This is something that even the best commercial ERP packages lack! Indeed, it is not possible to make even minor changes to the custom ERP packages, while you’re totally free to make changes to the open source ERP packages and fine tune them as per your business requirements.

The implementation can also be carried out separately without disturbing the regular operation of the business. Moreover, the open source ERP packages require considerably shorter implementation time, which is another big positive aspect.

4. No Dependency on ERP Vendor

As mentioned earlier, the open source ERP packages have minimal vendor dependency and everything is clearly mentioned in documentation and user manuals. So, you don’t need to wait for your ERP vendor to come and fix the issue. A good programmer should be able to get the job done within few hours easily.

5. High Accuracy

The productivity and accuracy is high in the case of open source ERP systems. On the other hand, the failure rates are often discovered to be on the lower side in comparison to commercial ERP packages.

6. Tight Security

Except a very few (the very best and the most expensive ones), most of the commercial ERP systems are tested to a decent extent, but still are many security flaws, traps, pitfalls and loop holes, which are easily harnessed by the hackers.

On the other hand, the open source ERP packages are thoroughly tested and 99% of the bugs are reported by the open source users in the process of development. Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, but the open source ERP packages are nearly perfect and very hard to break through, in terms of security loop holes.

Better yet a Supported Open Source Application.

Now when you take the above reasons and combine them with a supported open source ERP solution like xTuple ERP, you get the best of both worlds. You have a resource that can help you with the initial installation and configuration, develop customizations and provide on-going support.

For more information go to www.opensurgegroup.com

Monday, October 26, 2009

OpenSurge Small Business ERP and Accounting Solution

ERP is a suite of integrated software modules for running different aspects of a business, such as human resources, accounting, purchasing, shipping, manufacturing, e-commerce, supply chain management, customer relationship management and inventory. In addition to offering a wider range of features than individual off-the-shelf packages you might buy at an office supply store, ERP enables information to flow between modules. Data, therefore, only needs to be entered once into the system to have it automatically available to all the other applications. For example, when new employees join the firm, a manager enters their personnel information into the payroll or HR application, and that data is recognized by all the other necessary modules.

Besides eliminating the need to reenter data into multiple systems, ERP also helps small companies get a better grasp on their business operations and finances. A business can also benefit from ERP's ability to provide reports and analyze business operations. If you keep all your data in an Excel file, there are only a few ways for you to look at it and you can't generate sophisticated reports from spreadsheets. With an ERP system, you're able to view data in different ways. For instance, you can look at it from a customer viewpoint -- who are your most profitable customers, how much do they buy, what do they buy?"

Small business managers who plan to grow their business should select an ERP package capable of scaling to meet potential needs. Companies that try to be conservative in their purchases and buy something that is too small instead solution with scalability, in terms of both the number of users and in functionality. How many transactions can it handle, how much volume of products, how many people touching it, etc.

For the ultimate in scalability and ease of start up, a hosted ERP solution is a great way for the small business to experience the advantages of a robust enterprise solution.

Here's a recent story from one of our customers.

Monday, October 19, 2009

OpenSurge Group Announces Hosted xTuple ERP Solution

OpenSurge has launched its latest innovation for the small business owner. Using open source xTuple ERP in a hosted environment, enabling the small business the advantages of a robust and scaleable ERP solution at a price that makes ecomomic sense. Many small and emerging businesses that are working to get their business off the ground focus on sales and marketing, getting the products manufactured and customers satisfied. One of the last things on their list to worry about is how they are going to manage their books, track inventory, schedule production or share information across the company. Rightfully so, the new business is almost exclusively concerned about generating sales and uses all their resources making that happen.

Typically many new and emerging companies in today’s economy, such as SustainTex an organization dedicated to environmentally and socially friendly fabrics manufactured in the USA, have a small footprint main office with employees located across the country. And use many of the available technology tools like integrated phone and web applications to stay on top of their operations. Using xTuple’s PostBooks Edition and OpenSurge’s hosted service, SustainTex can easily trace their growing list of products and customers and manage their supply-chain to effectively produce the sustainable fabrics and garments that their customers desire.

According to Jack Miller VP of Sales “we didn’t have the time and resources to acquire the hardware and implement an ERP solution, but using OpenSurge and xTuple we were able to implement a robust ERP that enables us to manage materials through our supply chain. In addition to materials management, using the integrated fully functional CRM (customer Relationship management) tool we are able to collaboratively manage new opportunities anywhere we have internet access.”

xTuple uses a thin client, which really resembles a specialized browser, to seamless and securely connect to the PostgreSQL database. We install the database on an Apple server at our hosting facility, which provides world class security and connectivity in addition to backing up the server each night. This allows our clients to take full advantage of xTuple without the need to install servers, manage a network and worry about their data.”

OpenSurge chose the Apple platform for hosting xTuple because the of the solid performance of Snow Leopard Server and the additional services that are available such as group collaboration using the Wiki Server component of the OS. xTuple is a cross-platform application allowing clients to run seamlessly on Mac, Windows or Linux.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Introducing of xTuple

Kicking off a marketing campaign to let small and midsized business know that there is a enterprise solution that has all the functionality they need.

The promo is here.

Introducing xTuple

You started your business with an idea, a concept, a product or a service that you believed in - then you went out and made it happen. You called on customers, built products, performed services and worked your tail off to make your customers happy. You hired associates, built factories and invested time and sweat, worked nights and weekends - because you knew you could do it better than your competitors. And it worked.

Maybe somewhere along the way you picked up a copy of QuickBooks or Peachtree Pro. It did the job and provided financials. But now you have a bunch of customers and inventory to manage, bills of material, cost accounting and production planning, then there's purchasing and vendor management - and these solutions just aren't cutting it any more.

Or just as likely you're the second or third generation and the business has been running "fine" for years. But you know that you have exceeded the capability of a patchwork system of unsupported old technology, independent database applications and spreadsheets.

Sure you have dedicated folks "managing" the books and that long time irreplaceable employee back in the shop juggling orders, ordering materials and trying to figure out what to make next. You know there's got to be a better way, but you're not dropping a hundred grand or more with one of the big guys hoping their rigid application can be bent into a useful tool.

If this sounds like you - then read on, because we have your Solution!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

REVIEW: Snow Leopard Server Provides Powerful Feature Updates

REVIEW: Snow Leopard Server Provides Powerful Feature Updates

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server is a great way for the SME to get away from MS Exchange server and Outlook. Snow Leopard can handle all your mail, calendar and address book requirements. And it has and a great Wiki server letting your entire organization seemlessly collaborate.

All for just under $500 for unlimited users.

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