Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you still using Quickbooks to manage your growing business?

Wondering if its finally time to move your business to the next level? Time to replace Quickbooks?

Here are 3 top reasons to switch to a true enterprise class business management solution:  

1. Collaboration - Growing companies reach a point where multiple people have to collaborate on financial processes, often from multiple business locations as well as from home and on the road. As multiple people become involved, everyone needs visibility into what is going on so they can make the right decisions and collaboration so they can all work together.

2. Business Growth - There are many growth-driven indicators - when multiple people need to have access to the financial system, when financial tasks need to be delegated, when dollar volumes become significant and when new offices are opened - it's time to think about graduating to a more powerful system. There are also brick walls that require you to graduate - when you need to operate in more than one currency, when you have more than one business entity, if you need to work effectively from multiple locations or when you need to deal with specialized requirements like revenue recognition or managing the profitability and utilization of billable services personnel.

3. Financial Accountability and Transaction Capability - Full audit trails, business reporting, double-entry accounting and automation are a must, no matter the size of your business. If you're growing, you need it now more than ever. And as your company gets bigger, you have more of everything: inventory, vendors, customers and customer requirements. You have a need for speed and greater transaction volumes. Don't be held back by an insufficient financial system.

So what replaces Quickbooks and how much does it cost?

PostBooks from xTuple is a full featured business management solution (accounting, sales, inventory, purchasing, CRM, etc.) that you will never outgrow. PostBooks is open-source so its free for anyone to use. But if you need help with installing, support or training - there's a world-wide community here to help. If you need additional features - multi-site, drop shipping, returns management, manufacturing scheduling, etc -  xTuple's paid version has all the functionality you would ever need.

Take a look our latest webinar on the advantages of moving your business to xTuple!

Open source ERP and business management solutions from OpenSurge

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