Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Humorous View into the ERP Sales Cycle

Ran across a bit on the web, while doing one thing or another - its not called the Web for nothing!! Kind of sucks you in and then you've lost 2 hours of your life. But sometimes you stumble across something that is just delightful and needs to be shared, which is what happened to me.

I found an outfit in Austria called Seven Lakes Software that developed a single user inventory application for the Mac. They have a page on their website called CO-ERP course, which they describe as "how to sell overpriced, crappy ERP software that doesn't fit in a prospect's business". This is a clever, funny and uncomfortable accurate account of the ERP sales process.

Please do go here to read the entire post, but I'm going to borrow a snippet to illustrate how open source xTuple ERP is different from other solutions - who shall remain unnamed. Here's the snippet from Lesson 1 Hide your Product:

What you have to think of when hiding your product.

No screenshots of your app should be available on your website.
Except they're completely fake (you know, the ones with the colourful 3D charts).

Do not provide your software's manual for download.
Your customer is too silly to understand it anyway.
Remember: there is no manual for your software! You're selling support and training, not manuals.

"A demo version makes no sense".
Tell the customer that it's much easier for you to show your product AFTER he signed the contract and paid thousands of Dollars.

Don't tell him that he has no chance to use your app without days of costly training.

Remember, it would cost YOU two working days to have your app installed. Your not an IT guy. He would install it in only one day. AFTER the customer has signed the contract, you can charge for anything.

Never do a real world presentation.
Your customer would discover that your software's user interface is ugly, that your app is hard to use, slow like molasses and buggy.

Pretty funny isn't it? although just a little sad and scary if you really need a better way to run your business

So how is open source ERP from xTuple different?
  • You can have you own online demo to play with as long as you want.
  • You can download and install the fully functional PostBooks edition to your computer in minutes.
  • All the documents are online
  • Training videos are available at and YouTube
  • OpenSurge encourages a real live onsite demo

And finally OpenSurge will gather your requirements, show how the requirements fit into xTuple, identify where further development is required and give you realistic assessment of the implementation project.

Hope you enjoyed the CO-ERP course as much as I did. Thanks to the guys at Seven Lakes Software.


stijnjvdv said...

Great post, Mitch. And so very true. Thanks for sharing! Stijn

eduberry said...

The quality of the product also becomes clear at this stage.

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Tani said...

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