Saturday, May 22, 2010

xTuple Migrates Training Videos to YouTube

xTuple is in the process of publishing training videos to YouTube. Just another example of how xTuple differentiates itself from the traditional ERP company.

One of the challenges in the open source ERP world is demonstrating that ongoing commitment to the user community. xTuple supports a world-wide user group through its website, where users can post questions, search archives and get all the documentation on xTuple. Licensed users of xTuple ERP can also post and track bugs and fixes to the software.
The xTuple site also contains a Product Roadmap so you can see what new developments are in the works. If you had been following the roadmap you would have seen (and even commented on) the development of the Drop Shipping functionality that is now in the latest release of open source xTuple ERP version 3.5. Want to see the drop ship functionality and how xTuple is using YouTube? The go view the Drop Shipment Training video.

OpenSurge Group just completed a great event in Atlanta, GA where we had the chance, along with Wally Tonra xTuple's VP of Sales, to perform side by side demonstrations of xTuple ERP with other proprietary products. We certainly generated a lot of interest in both open source ERP and the ability to run enterprise class software on Apple's Mac OS X.

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Fred Blauer said...

Some of them seem to be cut off now. For example, the Product definition video is now only 36 seconds on youtube. Any idea what happened?