Monday, October 26, 2009

OpenSurge Small Business ERP and Accounting Solution

ERP is a suite of integrated software modules for running different aspects of a business, such as human resources, accounting, purchasing, shipping, manufacturing, e-commerce, supply chain management, customer relationship management and inventory. In addition to offering a wider range of features than individual off-the-shelf packages you might buy at an office supply store, ERP enables information to flow between modules. Data, therefore, only needs to be entered once into the system to have it automatically available to all the other applications. For example, when new employees join the firm, a manager enters their personnel information into the payroll or HR application, and that data is recognized by all the other necessary modules.

Besides eliminating the need to reenter data into multiple systems, ERP also helps small companies get a better grasp on their business operations and finances. A business can also benefit from ERP's ability to provide reports and analyze business operations. If you keep all your data in an Excel file, there are only a few ways for you to look at it and you can't generate sophisticated reports from spreadsheets. With an ERP system, you're able to view data in different ways. For instance, you can look at it from a customer viewpoint -- who are your most profitable customers, how much do they buy, what do they buy?"

Small business managers who plan to grow their business should select an ERP package capable of scaling to meet potential needs. Companies that try to be conservative in their purchases and buy something that is too small instead solution with scalability, in terms of both the number of users and in functionality. How many transactions can it handle, how much volume of products, how many people touching it, etc.

For the ultimate in scalability and ease of start up, a hosted ERP solution is a great way for the small business to experience the advantages of a robust enterprise solution.

Here's a recent story from one of our customers.

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