Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open Source ERP in Thailand

Interesting developement that the Thai goverment is funding open source ERP for the midsize business.

FYI - 1MM baht is roughly $30K

From the Bangkok Post - to get the full story go here

"Paitoon Butri, Software Industry Promotion Agency's open-source software manager, said this Government fiscal year which started in September, the agency will get a 35 million baht budget to promote open source - up from 26 million baht last year.

The agency will allocate 25 million baht funding to develop Opensource in Enterprise Resource Planning by select Kernel from Compiere, Open ERP and Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) to customise for Thailand.

"This is not redundancy with existing market because it will address companies which have 50-100 million baht revenue per year but local Thai ERP today address companies with revenue less than 50 million baht and global ERP vendor focus customers who has revenue of one billion baht."

However, SIPA still not finalise whether it will use bidding or joint-venture model to allow local open source providers to develop this open source ERP as a National ERP to help small medium sized to use ERP solution to improve business productivity and open more opportunity in implementation service for open source providers."

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